Pundak Neot Semadar is a restaurant, cafe and a shop that carries all of our local organic products grown and made in the Kibbutz. It sits on the road leading from Mitzpeh Ramon to Eilat (Rt.40), in a shaded green oasis surrounded by the desert. It is a good point for a stop on the long road for snack and refreshment. Here we serve light vegetarian meals, combining cheeses and juices produced and grown on the organic farm of the kibbutz, along with good coffee, homemade cakes, and ice cream. A choice of Neot Semadar’s organic products are sold here: wine, olive oil, pickled olives, juices, jams and dried fruit. These are all produced from fruit grown in the pollution-free desert environment and processed in small plants, paying careful attention to organic ingredients and given a homemade touch. We offer several kinds of cheese and yogurts made from fresh goat milk. Pasture twice a day in addition to organic food and good care contributes to the quality of the milk and cheese. You are invited to stop and relax here, and enjoy a good meal at the Pundak.

You may sit inside the rustically decorated dining area, air-conditioned in summer, or outside in the shaded garden aside a small pool. From here you may continue for a visit at Neot semadar itself, on the self-guided tour. Here you can view the large oasis where the food is grown and processed, and visit the Arts Center which is an unusual monument in terms of architecture and desert climate building. Inside you’ll visit the workshops and gift shop selling artworks made by the members of the kibbutz. One of the members will guide you in this tour and you’ll hear about this unusual community first hand.

A MUST TRY: Sugar-free organic yogurt made from fresh goat milk and Agave syrup, topped with date syrup and granola. Highly recommended!