Since January 2017, a group of Palestinian, Jordanian, Israelis have been meeting in order to establish a unique cross-border tourism project.
We dreamed of creating a unified geographical space around the Syrian-African rift. We wanted to make the desert accessible, to expose its hidden and unique corners to the general public, and to create a safe and protected space for tours, learning, and acquaintance.

Through the building of this touristic network, we build our relationships and create a safe and accessible zone of new possibilities for tourists.


Gundi Shachal

I am Gundi Shachal, I am an experienced licensed tour and hiking guide


Salem Farhan

I am Salem Farhan, an environmental tourist guide from Jordan, born in Dana in a Bedouin tent.


Anat Shaul

I am Anat Shaul, I have created this website in order to make these special hidden places accessible to you.


Rina Kedem

Rina is The founder of Desert Matters. She works and teaches in the fields of international development, conflict and environment.

Halasah, Suleiman

Suleiman Halasah

Suleiman Halasah is one of the first initiators and founders of Desert Matters.

Muhamed saedeen

Muhamed Saedeen

I am Muhamed Saedeen, I look forward to utilizing and improving eco-tourism profitability.