At the heart of Neot Semadar, The Art Center towers above its surroundings. This unique building houses diverse workshops such as jewelry, pottery, stained glass, paper, weaving, and woodwork. The wide range of materials and artistic endeavors allows for interdisciplinary techniques to emerge, creating a variety of unique products. Moreover, it is an opportunity for a person to work and create together with others. Considering the different aesthetic attitudes among people, it is clear that artisans working together face some difficulties. However, in breaking through this barrier, surprising new horizons open up.
The Art Center was designed and constructed by the people of Neot Semadar in a process that provided a real-life experience of creativity and cooperation. For 15 years, this building was the main project in Neot Semadar, and the entire Kibbutz participated. Many techniques of architecture were studied and applied here: a special way of casting a mosaic floor, a technique of molding reliefs and sculptures in concrete, and the application of some desert construction principles, such as the passive air-cooling tower. 
A program of courses and seminars in the Art Center for people from Israel and other countries is offered on a regular basis. Many of the people living in Neot Semadar are artisans, and in addition to their work, they also act as teachers. A period of study in Neot Semadar allows students a temporary break from everyday routine and pressing needs. Here they will learn a new art form, and experience the joy of working alone and together in a process that may open up new possibilities in their lives.

Neot Semadar Art Center