Visit Safi village and get to know the people

The program starts at 10 am by having breakfast at Safi kitchen and enjoying the local products of eggs, cheese, honey, olive, jam, and local Shrak bread. 

At 11 am we will move to the farm to pick up the fresh vegetables like tomatoes, eggplant, pepper, sweet pepper, and any other available types, the field visit will be done by bicycles. Then we will transfer our harvest to Safi kitchen site. 

At 12 am we will move to visit the historical site of sugar mills, which is a Mamlokey site, and we will receive there a comprehensive explanation of the history of the site. 

Then we will visit the society of Ghor Safi ladies and will receive an explanation of indigo plant which is used to stain the fabrics in a professional way but hand made, and you will have quick training to do it by your selves. 

Then visit the museum of the lowest point on earth which contains the antiques that discovered in the region, and also we will visit the cave of Lut. 

Then we will go back to Safi kitchen to start Preparing the local food like Zerb, Sajeyyeh, Mtabbal, rice, and salads, all of the group will share the experience of preparing the food. 

Note that it is possible to offer residence for five persons with local families. 

The second day we will visit Wadi Hisa which is along the path between mountains and a small river is running in with a length of 4 km. 

Then we will go to Ghor Mazraa. 


Breakfast at Safi kitchen 5 JD

Lunch 12 JD

Bicycle 3 JD

Residence 15 JD

Visiting wadi Hisa with guide 5 JD

It is recommended to buy something from the society of ladies Ghor Safi to support their existence. 

Safi Vilage